Kyosho - 1/18 Zephyr Dynamic Racing Drone Smashing Yellow RTF

Manufacturer: Kyosho Product Code: KYO 20572Y

20572Y 1/18 Zephyr Dynamic Racing Drone Smashing Yellow RTF

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DRONE RACER glides above the ground

Unlike existing drones that are difficult to control, the sensational DRONE RACER is controlled like an R/C car with a pistol-grip transmitter. Takeoff and auto-hover with one-touch control using ultrasonic sensors that remove the frustration of learning complicated flying techniques. Now you can experience the fun of drone flying at your own pace.

Control with a Pistol-grip R/C system

Includes the latest 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P pistol-grip transmitter featuring advanced aircraft-like instrument panel. Flying height adjustment switch is installed on the base of the transmitter grip.

Dogfight only 35cm above the ground.

Altitude is automatically maintained with ultrasonic and barometric pressure sensors. Altitude setting of 35cm or 60cm can be selected with a switch on the R/C system and one-touch control is used for takeoff, hovering and landing. Some people may feel frustrated in learning drone flying techniques.Kyosho's newly developed technology*(patent pending) removes these barriers so anyone can enjoy the fun of flying drones.

Variable propeller unit structure

H-type chassis with split upper and lower sections and left-right propellers connected on one propeller arm allow the propeller unit angle to be changed between: 0?, 10?, 20?. Use more stability (0?/ max speed : 30km/h) or more speed (20?/ max speed : 34.5km/h) as a racing weapon.

Infinite Possibilities

DRONE RACER can connect to your (Windows) computer with the included USB cable to adjust flight settings. In addition, an optional cable can also be used to connect to an Android terminal with a USB host function to adjust settings.


Length 302mm (with guard)
Width 300mm (with guard)
Height 65mm
Gear Ratio 5:1
Weight 130g approx.
Motor 8.5mm coreless
Battery 3.7V-1000mAh
Propeller D5 x P4
Flight Time 10 min approx.
Charging Time 1-2 hours (depending on USB power output. 30km/h approx. (normal specification)/34.5km/h approx. (with 20? propeller angle setting)/38km/h approx. (when using optional parts)
Energy density 318Wh/L (not subjected PSE)
Flight altitude Low 35cm/High 60cm approx. (setting can be changed using software application)

Colours available - Smashing yellow