Artesania - 1/40 Carmen II Fishing Boat Wooden Kit image

Artesania - 1/40 Carmen II Fishing Boat Wooden Kit

Manufacturer: Artesania Latina Product Code: ART 18030

1/40 Carmen II Fishing Boat Wooden Kit


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Discover the ship Carmen II, wooden model of this tuna boat from the Bay of Biscay. Dedicated to tuna fishing in the warm months of the year, the rest of the time was spent catching other species or fishing in other areas following the seasonal migration of other tuna species.

The traditional method of fishing for these tuna vessels is trolling and live bait. This way of live bait is made possible by using bait small fish caught by the tuna fisherman himself with a small purse seine, keeping them alive on board in a nursery.


Laser cut Basswood Plywood
Premium Quality wood: Walnut, Sapele and Basswood
Step-by-step building instructions with pictures and plans
Accessories in brass, wood and diecast metals
100% Quality cotton threads
Fully detailed pieces
Length 585mm
Height 355mm
Beam 170mm
Scale 1/40