Flytec - Turbine R/C High Speed Jet Boat 30km/h RTR

Manufacturer: Flytec RC Product Code: V009

V009 R/C Turbine High Speed Jet Boat 30km/h RTR

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1. The boat hull is made of environmentally ABS plastic, firm and sturdy, with streamlined hull design and better waterproof performance
2. Equipped with rubber anti-collision cover, have buffer protection to avoid damage when the boat hits
3. Adopt 390 motor, strong power,built in turbo jet power device. The boat is driving by water jet, which is unique and novel, bringing a different experience
4. 2.4G remote control frequency, stable remote control signal, can support multiple players at the same time
5. 150M ultra long remote control distance, wider range of remote control activities, double stimulation
6. Three speed modes, can switch speed   freely with one button
7. Over distance warning, if the boat drives exceed the remote control distance, the remote control will automatically alarm
8. Signal loss warning, when the remote control signal becomes weak, the remote control will alarm
9. Two-way signal return, when the boat or the remote control are in low battery, the remote control will automatically alarm
10. The remote control has a steering trim function, one key can freely adjust, flexible turning
11. Self-righting function, can be reset by remote control after flipped. You'll never have to worry about being stranded upside down
12. With different shapes of hull stickers, DIY to create your own unique remote control boat


Forward / backward / left turn / right turn,
Water jet driving,
Three speed Mode,
Steering trim,
Low battery warning,
Over Distance Warning,
Signal Warning


Brand: Flytec Turbine
Model Number:
V009 Black
Item name: 30km/h High Speed RC Jet Boat
For Age: 14+
Remote controller: 2.4Ghz

Color: Red
Material: ABS Plastic
Charge Time: 2-3 hours
Control Time: 15 mins
Control distance: 150m range, 30km/h

Controller Battery: 1.5V AA x 4(not included)
Boat Battery: 7.4V 1500MAH(Built-in lithium battery)
Product Weight: 643g
Product Size: 33.3x12x8cm      

Package List:

1 x RC Turbine Jet boat, 
1 x Remote control
1 x Boat battery
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Manual