Double E Hobby - 1/14 Volvo EC160 Full Metal Hydraulic Excavator RTR

Manufacturer: Double E Hobby Product Code: E111-003

1/14 Volvo EC160 Full Metal Hydraulic Excavator RTR

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(1) All metal simulation electrostatic spraying
(2) High power hydraulic system
(3) Brushless motor configuration
(4) Structure angle of real machine simulation
(5) 6000mAh battery
(6) The excavator is configured for RTR
(7) High power hydraulic system above 4 pa
(8) RTR configuration to the hand plug can be started, boot can be operated.
(9) New aluminum alloy structure
(10) Door maintenance yard can be opened
(11) Lighting control
(12) 360 degree rotating structure of internal bearing
(13) Lock type aluminum alloy outer boxMaterial: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy

Color: yellow
Weight: 10kg
Weight after packing: 20kg
Excavation depth: 28cm
Cab height: 12cm
Forward, backward, left turn, right turn, rotation, boom lifting, jib lifting, bucket lifting, lighting, manual door opening and closing, etc.
Remote control radius: 50m and above
Game time: 60 minutes and above (7.4v 6000ma lithium battery)
Maximum speed: 0.8km/h
Maximum climbing angle: 45 degrees
Walking straightness: 6 m forward, 5 ° offset
Continuous play life: 6H
Maximum lifting angle of bucket: 130 degrees
The fastest cycle of bucket up / down: 1 second
Ultimate weight of bucket: 13kg
Maximum lifting angle of jib: 110 degrees
The fastest cycle of forearm up / down: 1.0 seconds
Ultimate weight of jib: 9kg
Maximum angle of boom up / down: 87 degrees
Boom up / down fastest cycle: 1.3 seconds
Maximum rising force (maximum weight of boom): 12kg
Maximum excavation radius: 65cm
Maximum excavation depth: 28.5cm
Maximum excavation height: 68cm

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